Communication — Beyond Words

In the digital age, we grow accustomed to carrying out our work and our leisure activities by typing, tapping or speaking words at digital devices, uploading commentary, photos and video to social media platforms, and sharing with our friends or the world at large. But, communication requires more than just slinging bits.

Judith Donath has examined various aspects of the Internet and its social impact, such as online communities, interfaces, virtual identities and privacy. She explains to us how richer user interfaces, expressing user context in graphical representations, could improve and enrichen our online communication.

Russ White, a long-time Internet infrastructure expert, proposes that we cannot separate the expectation of free speech from access to the infrastructure that supports today’s platforms.

Join us for these upcoming podcasts!

  • Russ White: Free Speech — it’s more than just the words (July 14, 2021)
  • Judith Donath: Better Communicating with Context (July 21, 2021)