TechSequences at 50 episodes

If you’ve counted the episodes published on our website, you’ll know that our next one is going to be our FIFTIETH! We’ll be releasing it next week, on August 3, on the topic of nothing less than the history and the future of the Internet. And, who better to talk about the technology and consequences over the course of its history than our guest for the episode, Vint Cerf!

The planning for the TechSequences podcast started in 2019, but it was early 2020 before we published our first podcast — just as the COVID-19 pandemic was throwing the whole world into uncharted territory for the 21st century.

Since then, we’ve had episodes discussing technology and its consequences on topics as far ranging as: the metaverse, disinformation, identity, COVID-related tracking, AI/machine learning, deepfakes, facial recognition and, of course, the Internet itself. Take some time to explore the back catalog (!

For our 50th published episode, we’ve returned to the basic topic that has intrigued us from the outset: the Internet itself. As a co-creator of the Internet’s technology, Vint has known the Internet all of its lifetime. But the initial drivers and supports of the technology — defense funding agency, DARPA — had very different needs and motivations than the commercial networks of today. Even though voice and video were among initial plans for the Internet, it’s fair to say that the uses of the network today, and the services that have been built to run on top of it, are well beyond the scope of what was originally on the drawing board.

And, it’s not done, yet! Join us for a fascinating discussion on August 3!