Vint Cerf on the History and the Future of the Internet

Guest: Vint Cerf We have reached a small milestone: Our 50th published episode! To mark the occasion, we take a look back at the technologies that shaped the 20th century, especially the Internet, and we look forward towards those that

The Metaverse Space Race

Guest: Robert Tercek The race is on. The competition to make, define, own and monetize the metaverse has just begun. Although “metaverse” became a buzzword after Facebook changed its company name to “Meta” in 2021, many people are still trying to understand what exactly the metaverse is and whose

Disinformation Undermining the Future of Democracy

Ukraine, a fledging democracy is under attack on two fronts, with tanks and artillery as well as with disinformation and propaganda campaigns. It is not the only democracy under siege from disinformation campaigns.  Many democracies face targeted campaigns to manipulate

Exploring eXtended Reality (XR) in Education

Everything we have learned, lived and now remember is grounded in one unassuming fact: It took place in the physical world. And we may very well be the last generation for whom this distinction applies. Future generations will live, learn

Computational Propaganda

Disinformation is fast becoming normalized as part of political campaigns everywhere.  Information technologies are being harvested for their utility in targeting and manipulating opinions often with substantial consequences for civic discourse and the nature of truth. Join us for a

Self-Sovereign Identity

“Who are you?”. Answering that may seem at once easy and yet incredibly complex.  In the real world, we are born with, gain or develop aspects of our identity.  But distinguishing who is who is a lot more complex online. 

Worklife in the Disinformation Industry

If you did not know by now, rest assured there is a thriving disinformation industry.  But have you ever wondered how it actually works? Who are companies who provide it? Who are the workers who act as Trolls, and why

The Metaverse — Living the Dream?

The next iteration of the Internet, is called the “metaverse”. It is where we anticipate our physical and virtual worlds will converge. But options differ on what it will look like or if and how it will be controlled.  Will the Metaverse

When Cutting Edge Technology Leads to Unintended Consequences

We are in a technical revolution where cutting edge innovations in areas such as AI, 5G, robotics, and even gene editing, offer enormous promises for our lives, ranging from the mundane to the spectacular. Our persistent optimism overestimates the positive

COVID Passports — a multinational perspective

Vaccination status – namely, who IS and who IS NOT vaccinated is hotly debated on every front. The Covid-19/vaccine passport purports to help.  These passports are digital or paper documents that show you were vaccinated against COVID-19, and/or have recently tested negative for