Key Decisions that Shaped the Internet

The introduction of the internet, a pivotal event in the Third Industrial Revolution, was shaped by crucial design and policy decisions made by early internet pioneers. Decisions such as adopting packet-switching for ARPANET, developing TCP/IP, and creating HTML and HTTP

AI + Human Ingenuity: the best equation for drug discovery

Guest: Dave Hallett Cancer, called the “Emperor of All Maladies” has been a formidable adversary of mankind since time immemorial. With its multitude of forms and elusive nature, cancer presents a daunting challenge for drug discovery. However, AI offers a

Unleashing the potential of Quantum Sensing Technology

Guest: Jen Sovada Quantum sensing is poised to revolutionize virtually every aspect of our world. Quantum sensing’s distinctive ability to detect magnetic signatures is already aiding in navigation for countless fuel tankers worldwide, providing otherwise unachievable medical scans, and keeping

Harnessing AI to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in Manufacturing

Guest: Alp Kucukelbir The manufacturing sector, notably cement and steel production, accounts for nearly 20% of global CO2 emissions. As artificial intelligence (AI) looms large in its potential to reshape all industries, there’s mounting pressure to integrate AI into manufacturing

From Print to Digital: Unravelling Copyright Laws in the Age of AI

Guests: David Bellos and Alex Montagu Aside from IP lawyers, how many of us, particularly technologists, know about the origins of copyright laws and how they have evolved from the 18th century (yes pre-industrial revolution) to present? Our guess is

Generative AI: the promise beyond the hype cycle

Guest: Magnus Revang Every year, Gartner unveils its Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies report, spotlighting 25 pivotal technologies to keep a keen eye on. It is hardly surprising then that this year generative AI took center stage in the report

Science, Capitalism, and Social Justice – can we do better?

Guest: Jenny Reardon Since the mid 2000’s the field of genetics has seen rapid technological innovation, particularly in DNA sequencing and genotyping technologies that enable analysis of large portions of an individual’s genome at a relatively affordable cost. These advancements

How do you know what news to trust?

Guest: Sally Lehrman There is no question that an informed public and a free press are critical requirements for a functioning democracy.  But what if the public has little to no trust in the news media? How can we have

Connected cars and the privacy debacle

Guest: Zoë MacDonald The increased number of Internet enabled cars affords us luxuries deemed unattainable a few decades ago.  We can now navigate roads in a way to avoid traffic jams, diagnose problems and often fix glitches with a software

Artistic Alchemy: Exploring AI’s Impact on Creativity and Culture

Guest: Nestor Maslej Artificial intelligence has made inroads in each of the seven categories of art: architecture, cinema, literature, painting, music sculpture, and theater.  And in doing so, has challenged what it means to create art, as well as stirred