David Bellos and Alex Montagu

From Print to Digital: Unravelling Copyright Laws in the Age of AI

Guests: David Bellos and Alex Montagu

Aside from IP lawyers, how many of us, particularly technologists, know about the origins of copyright laws and how they have evolved from the 18th century (yes pre-industrial revolution) to present? Our guess is not many. Inspired by a thought-provoking book “Who Owns This Sentence?: A History of Copyrights and Wrongs”, our latest episode delves into the origins of copyright laws and their evolution. Today copyrights touch virtually everything we see, listen, experience, or work with. But do they protect those they claim to protect? And just how relevant are they in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the age of AI?

Join us for a discussion with the authors, Professor David Bellos and Alex Montegu.

Hosted by: Alexa Raad and Leslie Daigle.

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