How do you know what news to trust?

Guest: Sally Lehrman There is no question that an informed public and a free press are critical requirements for a functioning democracy.  But what if the public has little to no trust in the news media? How can we have

Preserving Journalism in the Dawning Age of AI

Guest: Courtney C. Radsch A revolution is afoot in media and by extension, journalism.  Economic factors have caused the decline of local media to the point where in the US two newspapers are forced to shut down every week.  Another

Scientists Confronting the Disinformation Ecosystem

Guest: Sheldon Himelfarb With the advances in AI and increasing sophistication in creating misleading content such as deepfakes, there is growing concern especially amongst academics and researchers about the threat mis- and dis-information pose not only for the 2024 election

Measuring social media impacts on mental health

Guest: Nathaniel Lubin In the fall of 2021, Whistleblower Frances Haugen—a former member of the Civic Integrity team at Meta—shared a cache of more than 1,300 documents that would come to be known collectively as the Facebook Papers.  A key

Are Algorithms Threatening Your Freedom of Thought?

Guest: Susie Alegre Freedom of thought — the right to form your own thoughts, keep them private and to not be persecuted for your thoughts alone — is one of the most fundamental human rights. This right, recognized in the