Courtney Radsch

Preserving Journalism in the Dawning Age of AI

Guest: Courtney C. Radsch

A revolution is afoot in media and by extension, journalism.  Economic factors have caused the decline of local media to the point where in the US two newspapers are forced to shut down every week.  Another revolution – this one driven by advances in AI – is also shaking up media outlets and journalism. AI can represent enormous opportunities as well as existential risks for journalism. At question is both the use of AI by media outlets as well as the use of content (including copyrighted works) by AI companies. As media outlets like Germany’s biggest tabloid, BILD, and Buzzfeed start to use AI, critics warn that use of AI in media and journalism could create and amplify misinformation, disinformation as well as promote bias.  It is clear that if we are to set guardrails for the use of AI, the time is now.  But the question remains what and how?

Please join us for a conversation with author, researcher and scholar Dr. Courtney Radsch, the Director of the Center for Journalism and Liberty at the Open Markets Institute to discuss the potential consequences for media and journalism with the advent of AI.

Hosted by: Alexa Raad and Leslie Daigle.

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