Eve Maler

Eve Maler

Our guest is Eve Maler, CTO at ForgeRock and one of the pioneers in the field of digital identity.  In this podcast we explore what digital identity is, who can have it, and how it is evolving.   We talk about how advances in technology such as emergence of genome data has provided new challenges to digital identity management, and has even had unintended consequences (how about  solving cold case crimes?) Eve argues that almost everything is personal information now, because of the mass of data generated and cross correlated as part of our everyday digital activities. As a result, we need to think about Identity Relationship Management and not just Identity Management, especially as smart IOT based devices proliferate. Do we have rights to our data? Yes if we have a practical means of controlling access to our own data. For example, Eve argues that privacy is not secrecy and it is not encryption. It is, she says, context control, choice and respect.   

Hosted by: Alexa Raad & Leslie Daigle

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