Patrick Howell O'Neill

The 411 on Contact Tracing Apps

Guest: Patrick Howell O’Neill

In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, identifying and isolating potentially exposed or infected individuals is a vital  strategy of slowing down and preventing the spread of the disease.  Governments, private enterprises and public health administrations are already considering, developing or launching contact tracing apps as a complement to other mitigation efforts.  Our guest in this episode Patrick Howell O’Neil of MIT Tech Review. Patrick and his colleagues have been researching, and tracking about 30 contact tracing apps, which have the support of various governments around the globe and are either in development and or being launched.  Their Covid Tracing Tracker is a viewable spreadsheet that continues to track these various apps, their penetration and various key attributes.  How effective are these contact tracing apps? How is the data collected and stored? And what should we the users be aware and weary of in making the decision to download an app or not? Listen in for answers to these and more.

Hosted by: Alexa Raad & Leslie Daigle

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