Paul Vixie

Internet Consolidation and the need for diversity

Guest: Paul Vixie

We know you will agree that the Internet has changed quite a bit from its early days,  and no we aren’t just talking about innovation and new services.  We are talking about the consolidation of everything from how traffic is transported to how we store content and applications in the cloud, into a few very large players. 

In the first episode of our three-part series on “Internet Consolidation”, we talk to Internet Hall of fame inductee Paul Vixie to identify consequences of consolidation.  As an Internet pioneer, Paul has a unique perspective on the story arc of the internet.  What will the future of innovation look like? What is permission-less innovation? How has the advertising model of the large internet players dictated what operating systems can and cannot do, and why does it matter?  Paul also talks about deep dependencies and the consequences of being beholden to the fate and performance of a few big players.

Turns out diversity is imperative in the engineering sense as well. Join us for this important episode.

Hosted by: Alexa Raad & Leslie Daigle

Other episodes in the arc:

  • (Forthcoming) July 22, 2020: “Internet Consolidation and the Rise of Content Distribution Networks”, with Russ White
  • (Forthcoming) July 29, 2020: “Internet Consolidation –  Who is Resolving Your Query?”, with Dr. Roxana Radu and Michael Hausding
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