Alistair Croll

Decision Pitfalls in a Big Data World

Data growth is a direct consequence of advances in technology ranging from the smartphone to the Internet of Things devices. Today, the “datasphere”, or the volume of data in the world – is estimated to be over 60 Zettabytes. We even have a term for it: Big Data. But just because we have more data does not mean we are making better decisions or becoming more insightful. Too often our approach to big data and Machine Learning  lacks a critical thinking framework making us prone to common pitfalls and unintended consequences. Interesting and cautionary examples of data and decisions gone awry abound.  Our Guest is  best-selling author, entrepreneur and event organizer Allistair Croll. Alistair has also been a visiting executive at Harvard Business School where he helped create and teach the HBS course “Data Science and Critical Thinking”. 

Guest: Alistair Croll

Hosted by: Alexa Raad & Leslie Daigle

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