Roxana Radu and Michael Hausding

Internet Consolidation — Who Is Resolving Your Query?

Guests: Roxana Radu and Michael Hausding

The first step of the process of accessing resources on the internet is called “DNS resolution” and it involves a multi-tiered, hierarchical and distributed architecture. One of the first steps in that process is querying a “recursive resolver”. Think of it as a gofer who takes your query – say a URL  address – to check several other Domain Name System (DNS) servers to find you the right answer (i.e. the correct IP address).

Sounds relatively boring right?

Except that those who run recursive servers have the pulse on the traffic patterns and browsing habits of internet users.  Surely that information is valuable? 

In the third episode of our three-part series on “Internet Consolidation”, we talk to Dr. Roxana Radu , post-doctoral researcher at University of Oxford and Michael Hausding Board Member of the Internet Society Switzerland Chapter, authors of the research report “Consolidation in the DNS resolver market – how much, how fast, how dangerous?” about the important implications of consolidation in a segment of the internet infrastructure most users know little about.

Hosted by: Alexa Raad & Leslie Daigle

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