Open Standards and Collaboration among Competitors

Or: The business of competition and the future of the Internet.

Guest: Patrik Fältström

A company’s business development tactics are usually about getting a bigger slice of the market “pie” for themselves through successful competition against other companies. However, the Internet and the services that run on it have repeatedly shown that, when companies collaborate with competitors to build and use open standards, the market pie is expanded and even a single slice provides a bigger return.

Patrik Fältström is the Technical Director and Head of Security at Netnod. He has been active in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Internet Society (ISOC) and ICANN leadership for many years, as well as being and advisor to the Minister of IT in Sweden and a number of organizations and investigations over the years. In this episode, he brings that breadth of experience in development and deployment to illustrate why it is valuable for companies to leave their comfort zone of building proprietary silos — both for their own bottom line, as well as for the future of the open Internet.

Hosted by: Leslie Daigle.

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