Sara-Jayne Terp

A disinformation playbook

Like it or not – we are at war: one of information and disinformation and the stakes cannot be higher.  How can we  better understand and mitigate, or at least anticipate what is next in a disinformation campaign?

For example, can minutia like use of a persistent misspelling of a word in viral posts or use of a particular font help reveal the origin, scope, and purpose of a disinformation campaign? And can we apply what we have learned from disciplines as varied as marketing/sales to data science and cybersecurity to this burgeoning problem? Turns out there may be.

Sara-Jayne (SJ) Terp is a data strategist with decades of experience in autonomous systems, and their effects on humanity. She joins us to talk about what she’s learned about the larger systems of disinformation campaigns.

Hosted by: Alexa Raad and Leslie Daigle.

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