Nicolas Papernot

Can advances in technology help liberate us from the grip of disinformation?

The events of the last few years have underlined that we are awash in disinformation, AND that a large swath of society believes that disinformation to be reality.  But disinformation doesn’t just include easily refutable assertions, it also includes sophisticated bots (“Sophisbots”) that make it nearly impossible to distinguish reality from fiction.  If technology advances helped bring us to this point, does technology offer solutions to help us step gingerly back? And if so, how effective can they be?

Nicolas Papernot is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. His work has been applied in industry and academia to evaluate and improve the robustness of machine learning models, by using concepts such as generative adversarial networks – these are neural networks that vie in a contest with one another with aim of continually improvement – and by deploying machine learning with privacy guarantees for using data at industry scale.    

Hosted by: Alexa Raad and Leslie Daigle.

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