Zoe MacDonald

Connected cars and the privacy debacle

Guest: Zoë MacDonald

The increased number of Internet enabled cars affords us luxuries deemed unattainable a few decades ago.  We can now navigate roads in a way to avoid traffic jams, diagnose problems and often fix glitches with a software upgrade, personalize our driving experience and entertainment, and much more.  But they are also massive personal information collection engines, stockpiling information about you from your use of the car, the car’s app as well as 3rd party services such as Sirius XM or Google maps.  And, by the way, most share or sell your data, all with little to no transparency or accountability to the users. 

How did this come about? Are some manufacturers better than others? Should we accept these costs as the unavoidable cost of convenience? And if not, then what recourse do we have? To discuss these and more, join us for a conversation with Zoë MacDonald of the “Privacy Not Included Buyers Guide” of the Mozilla Foundation.

Hosted by: Alexa Raad and Leslie Daigle.

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