COVID19 and Contact Tracing

We are excited to start a new TechSequences podcast arc this week: COVID19 and digital contact tracing apps.

As with any epidemic, tracing the contacts of those who have been infected is an important tactic to help contain the reach of the virus. Tracing efforts have to be consistent and constant. Doing the work manually requires skilled personnel, and with the existing reach of the pandemic, it’s challenging to cope with the scope without some digital help. Thus, some form of digital contact tracing is probably inevitable as regions around the globe seek to return to some level of normal business and life activity.

For this pair of podcasts, we look at the potential policy and privacy implications of how contact tracing apps are used, and we have a look at the spread of apps already in use or development around the globe.

The podcasts and planned release dates are:

  • June 10, 2020: COVID19 Contact tracing apps, a fair bargain for public health? with Konstaninos Komaitis
  • June 17, 2020: The 411 on Contact Tracing Apps, with Patrick Howell O’Neill

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