What to expect when you’re expecting Artificial Intelligence

Our next arc of podcasts focuses on Artificial Intelligence, and what to expect as it becomes more mainstream.

Although AI has been a research topic for decades, it is only now slowly starting to seep into mainstream technology experience. Even so, industry leaders and tech experts have formed views of what they expect — for good or ill — from AI as it infiltrates society. Lee Rainie, of Pew Research, collected hundreds of viewpoints and shared the diversity of perspectives with us.

But when is it artificial intelligence”? We talked with Dr. Robert Epstein about how AI programs can fool us into thinking they are sentient — and what would that mean.

Clearly, AI-driven technology is having, and will increasingly have, a significant impact on innovation as well as our daily lives. Our final guest in the arc, Dr. Colin Garvey, explains his view on how we should approach governance of AI development, in order to ensure we prosper in the world we are building.

Here’s our schedule for publishing these diverse and lively podcast episodes!

  • June 24, 2020: “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans”, with Lee Rainie of Pew Research
  • July 1, 2020: “Artificial Intelligence and Sentient bots”, with Dr. Robert Epstein
  • July 8, 2020: “A Zen Approach to Making AI Work for All of Us”, with Dr. Colin Shunryu Garvey